Developed in partnership with social NGO’s , we aim to give city-slickers & our  international tourists a taste of life in Himalayas remote villages by creating sustainable eco-systems, which also provide alternate sources of income for village dwellers without straining their existing resources. The tour also provide opportunity for learning  Yoga

Tour Highlights

Art of Yoga

Rishikesh catapulted to Western fame when the Beatles dropped by for a visit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Ashram. The town of Rishikesh lies in the foothills of the Himalayas of the Garhwal region.

International Yoga week which attracts participation from across the world, is held here, every year, in February on the banks of the holy Ganga. It’s an ideal base for adventure activities like River Rafting etc

Experience life in remote Himalayan villages

People living around are native Himalayan farmer, goatherd and shepherd families who migrate to the higher pastures during the months of summers and monsoons and practice agriculture as source of livelihood. During your stay, engaged in Goat Farming and many other Agro practices to provide a better livelihood to the locals, and to give a first-hand experience to our guest in basics of Life Sciences.

Hike in the Himalayan woodlands

You also have opportunity to take guided trek a 4-5 hour long guided Himalayan jungle Trail walk at Kaudia Forest and lunch at Satyun River. Apart from enjoying the abundant beauty & silence. An insight into the lives yet not assaulted by modernization and technology takes you back to a frozen era of time. Or leisurely Village Walks through the terraced Himalayan farms allows you to click, talk, meditate, and relish the flora & fauna on way.

Engage in farm activities

During your time witness and engage with local village folks, join your host family in their daily chores, or simply go for a photography tour with them to their high-altitude farms, hidden water springs and cattle rearing meadows.

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Walking tour

old town
of Jaipur

Jaipur offers a dazzling immersion into the riches of traditional India. Since its foundation in 1727, royal family and nobles of Jaipur had been patronizing various craftsmen and artisans in Pink City

Join us on this buzzing walking tour to explore the vibrant bazaars of the old city. It’s a great way to explore Jaipur like locals do and learn about the rich artistic traditions of this fascinating city.

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