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Built in 1727, Jaipur—a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for its iconic architectural legacy is the first ever planned city of India! Watch the movie to get an e-experience of our heritage walks.

The Iconic Pink City!

Jaipur is a fine representation of the regal grandiose that has always distinguished the state of Rajasthan. Home to opulent palaces, towering forts and holy temples, not only has Jaipur gracefully retained its royal roots but it proudly displays them for visitors to see and experience. The food and culture of Jaipur is well-known throughout the world. Watch the 

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Talking to a local is invaluable when planning a trip to the city. Divergent interests can send travellers to different corners of the country making them miss the most sought after experiences. Let us craft your perfect Rajasthan itinerary tailored just for you.

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