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Explore the other side of Rajasthan, which very few travellers have experiences. This tour takes you to hidden parts of Rajasthan to explore lesser known game parks, artisan communities engaged in waving saris, making handicraft. This tour has been carefully designed to make your holiday more engaging and rewarding, leaving positive footprints by helping remote artisans community.

Tour Highlights

Engage with local artisans

Wind your way through remote villages and into the fort, where you’ll check into a decades old palace. Visit our master kaavad (Wooden Miniature Temple) maker’s home cum workshop. Marvel at this centuries old art form, unique to Bassi, that takes temples to people who can’t visit them. Buy a kaavad and other souvenirs before meandering your way through the bazaar to the stepwell and temple by the lake.You can also opt for a game safari in nearby national park, popular for its flying squirrels

Colorful Miniature Paintings and Textile Weaving

Kota, is famous for its Miniature Painting and Saris weaving During your stay, visit a master weaver and watch the magic being woven on traditional looms, feast your senses on the best collection of paintings from the Kota School of Art .

Boat ride on Chambal River

Cruise along the river as the guide shows you a mind-boggling number of birds. Don’t forget to shoot the many owls and vulture species that inhabit this stretch of the river. While the river’s more famous crocodilian residents may have migrated upstream, keep your eyes peeled for a rare treat – a sloth bear or a leopard watching you from atop the cliffs.

Bundi Fort

This lesser visited ancient town of Rajasthan, is famous for its Palace and Painting and its myriad baoris (stepwells) dotted all over town. While walking in and out of these well-preserved monuments, you’ll also walk through Bundi’s local bazaars, the best way to get a taste of life here. Lose yourself in the many-hued splendor that is Chitrashala, Painting Gallery at the fort. Enjoy the sight of the setting sun painting blue-toned Bundi in vivid shades of gold.

Pre historic cave and rock painting

Bundi’s besk-keep secret is Pre historic cave and rock painting . Situated South of Bundi. The rock paintings depicts the continuity of human evolution. It also unveils the hunting scenes, daily life of the Mesolithic period, human figure and dancing postures along with bison dear and tiger. The paintings are estimated to be 15000 years old bearing ample proof of the fact that this region sustained early man. These paintings are estimated to be 15000 years old belonging to the Mesolithic period.


Nested amongst the lush hills of Aravali mountains, Udaipur, popularly known as the City of lakes, founded in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh II. The beautiful city of Udaipur houses 5 pristine lakes with Pichola being the most impressive . The Old City of Udaipur is dotted with numerous historic temples, Havelis ,Step wells, hilltop forts and quiet alleyways. Udaipur is surely the most romantic and serene places in Rajasthan.

During your stay you can visit , City palace, ancient Hindu temples with marvelous ancient sculptures.

Eco tourism activities & Workshops

Undertake, guided walking tours to explore the local life , undertake workshops on puppet making , Miniature Painting, or discover nature on a outback cycle tour with us

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Walking tour

old town
of Jaipur

Jaipur offers a dazzling immersion into the riches of traditional India. Since its foundation in 1727, royal family and nobles of Jaipur had been patronizing various craftsmen and artisans in Pink City

Join us on this buzzing walking tour to explore the vibrant bazaars of the old city. It’s a great way to explore Jaipur like locals do and learn about the rich artistic traditions of this fascinating city.

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