Immerse yourself in old-world India. Experience ways of life that have continued unbroken, and relatively unchanged for centuries. Discover East India’s earliest temples, cruise along Asia’s largest lagoon and traverse rustic open countryside. Join festive weekly markets where Tribal indigenous cultures converge. Interact with tribal peoples imbued with centuries of independent traditions and learn the secret behind their smiles. 

Tour Highlights

Bustling Town of Bhubaneswsar

The lively capital of Odisha since the ancient ‘Kalinga’ empire boasts settlement stretching back 2000 years. Explore medieval temples and broad tree lined avenues to unearth the spirit of the city. Bhubaneswar’s impressive skyline: the towering spire of the Lingaraj temple, and the remarkable temple of Mahavir Jain on Khandagiri hills exemplifies the arrival and evolution of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainsim during different periods of Odisha’s long spiritual journey.

Konark Sun Temple

Behold the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sun Temple at Konark. Traverse rural villages to reach the coastal temple town of Puri. Meet village craftsmen skilled in the hereditary craft of traditional painting. Soak up the traditional temple culture of Puri. One of India’s Char Dham’s (four holy spots of India).

Cruise on Asia’s largest water lagoon

Cruise the tranquil wetlands of Chilika Lake, Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon and another Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. Spot rare migratory birds play among their nets. Stroll along the shore at Gopalpur and explore the beachside fishing village.

Tribes of India

Locally called Adivasis literally “original inhabitants” are the indigenous population of India. Nestled in the hills of the Eastern Ghats they constitute 25% of Odisha’s population; the most populous Adivasi region of all India. They comprise 62 diverse ethnicities and although co-dependent, fiercely guard their own distinct traditions. We will meet the Mali, Paroja, Kondh & Dongria Kondh tribes and witness a way of life relatively unchanged throughout centuries.

Visit local responsible tourism projects

Meet our sister foundation New Hope responsible for improving education and health care in neighbouring tribal villages.

Visit Tribal markets

Bumble along country roads, pass teak plantations and forested hillocks alongside idyllic villages and local markets . Walk among the rolling hills encountering Kondh and Paroja hamlets along the way. Enjoy a picnic in the lap of nature and settle into the rhythm of rural life. Explore the largest weekly markets of India’s indigenous peoples where everything from cattle to fresh turmeric is on the market.

Tribal art & craft

Discover traditional terracotta pottery village and try your hand at the spinning wheel, Witness the art of making status from bell metal. The region is rich ans diverse in this other craft also like bamboo, wood etc.

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