Village Excursion

Majestic Marwar

Learn about interesting legends from the past, peep into the life of locals, meet and interact with city’s residents, wonder through narrow alleyways dotted with indigo coloured houses.
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Partly in the Thar Desert, suffering from extreme temperatures and very little rain fall, Marwar
has the largest arid zone population in the world. Their traditional mud homes are set in small compounds which are well ordered and clean. Guests are invited in to these houses to see various aspects of everyday life and meet these isolated village community . With broad smiles and welcoming nature , the villager’s warmth is contagious and to meet these villagers is indeed a rare privilege.

Carefully designed to offer rewarding and inspiring experiences for both our guests and the locals , a typical tour would be to visit a village of the Banjara community. Many of these men earn their living by livestock farming and are frequently travelling, whilst the women work in the fields and look after the household. It is fascinating to get an insight in to how these dignified and graceful desert people live their lives.

From seeing the churning of butter to the grinding of flour; to marvelling at the women’s exquisite jewellery and colourful clothes to sharing a chai and trying their indigenous bread, this tour is a sensory experience that anyone interested in the real Rajasthan will find unforgettable.

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The flamboyant architecture, temples and culture of India's desert state

From varied topography, diverse population, forts, palaces, havelis, fairs and festivals Rajasthan state has it all. Experience a unique culture that leaves you asking for more.

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Tour cost (in INR):
Single pax:₹ 4000
Price per pax for a group of 2 or more.
Adult:₹ 2800
Child:₹ 2800

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